The world over, there are various discussions on Autonomous or Driveless vehicles where it be for passenger cars or commercial vehicles or machine guided robots for warehouses and other factory uses.

Each of these autonomous vehicles broadly require the following components to make it work:-
1. A rules based decision system (algorithms / logic etc.) which either sits on the a computational machine which is part of the autonomous guidance system
2. Direction beacon via Laser (LIDAR) or camera systems(Computer vision) or different types of sensors like GPS or indoor positioning something that helps generate a frame of reference
3. Database in the form of maps or annotated objects having a XYZ coordinates which is formed via LIDAR datasets or images
4. A large processing unit with a cooling system (the more the CPU/GPU the better the decision tree works)
5. Cloud computed backend server farms to help process the sensor data either automatically or manually (by persons or cartographers or big data engineers)
6. Mechanical systems like the car or the robot that can work on digital inputs based on computed decision tree via neural network or machine learning

All the above broad components have various specialized companies that operate in one or many or all parts of the value chain. We at SpincLabs focus on the database component of the value chain where we can execute the following for customers in the eco-system.

Working together on the daily requires each individual to let the greater good
of the team’s work surface above their own ego.

Object Data Annotation

This basically requires annotating various kinds of high resolution standardized images with nomenclature, attribution and other metadata creation like distance from centre of image and many other features.
The object bounds can be created using advanced computer vision, spectral analysis or can be build semi-automated using specialized cartographers or digital data experts. Annotation levels follow various rule sets and different from company to company computer process to computer process. SpincLabs understand the nuances of the same and can very rapidly leverage to build out fast datasets towards the same.