As the advent of OSM (Open Street Maps) is becoming more common place, there is a need for entities to help stich the last piece of the maps, i.e. a missing road link, or an incorrect entry point.

We have a robust team that leverages upon machine learning or satellite processing and can determine changes in maps for a place. This can be rapidly deployed to build:-
●Base Digital outdoor maps for a place
●Navigation data sets including various attributes    for routing, optimization
●Land use maps
●Places/Point of Interest (POI) databases


These custom maps are useful for those companies not wishing to pay high costs to global maps providers on a per ping / transaction model.
We can create a wholesome maps database as customized to your needs such as:-

●Tracking and Telematics
●Applications requiring tourist information
●Road network optimization (truck maps)
●Land use data for forestry and other sciences