Energy Management

The world is warming, there are more and more regulations being put up in regards to energy usage. With our EMC solution monitor your daily energy needs and analyze the consumption trends to compute your organization’s foot print.

About EMC

Energy Management Control

Over the past decade with the advent of rapid climate change and the cost of energy going up, energy monitoring is becoming important in the society. Companies, buildings, malls, airports, cinemas are all trying to find out their energy needs. The exact information of energy consumed helps the business better plan for the energy purchasing for the future and reduces risk of spot purchases as opposed to long term contract rates. We have a software platform that can read data from any kind of electric meter as long as the meter is configured to send data to the internet via dongle or add on peripheral. The EMC is cloud based software platform that connect to the meter and can collect data every 5 mins to 1 hour and can help in obtaining the required parameters for processing on the cloud internet server.

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Cloud based energy management solution comes with convenience and it is easy to scale up for changing organizational needs.

*   Meter data- Automatic read out.
*  Create your own virtual channel.
*  Planning data.
*  Analytics and graph.
*  Various reports.
*   Billing

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