Field Force Management

As companies are going more and more digital they are optimizing the use of their human resources. This is seen in the marketplace specially in the area of Field Force Management, where in the geography becomes diverse and the product categories SKU become richer for each company, it becomes difficult for the sales person on the ground to manage administrative tasks and selling.

SpincLabs has a software suite which enables the company to support its sales person on the ground by digitization of the following core functions:-
1. Attendance Management
2. Document sharing across teams / leaders / territories
3. Task, jobs management as directed by sales planning /     operations
4. Monitoring completeness and efficiency via the option     of Check-ins
5. Reimbursements for the sales person (digitized)
6. Analytical and reporting for better planning
7. Leave management

Mockup Image

These are the core functionalities available in the product, which can be then be further customized for the needs of different organizations.
Solution has a mobile application and a cloud based system which can be accessed from a web dashboard by the sales planning team.
They key advantage of using this product for task enablement across industries is that it is customizable, has the functionality of GPS, does not require any upfront investment, can be used by even teams as small as 2-5 users and works on a monthly subscription model without any technical cost overheads


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