Indoor Map Data Creation

Navigation inside a venue

As cities get more urbanized and venues become more complex, the need for indoor maps is slowly but surely emerging. We have been working with various partners over the past few years to help develop Indoor maps at scale.

These maps are using for the following:-
●Navigation within a venue
●Measuring counts within a venue for    advertising displays on mobile
●Maps for display for a venue with regards to    structural
●BIM models (Building Information

We create these maps (using any language such as English/French/Japanese/Hebrew/Spanish/Mandarin etc) using various inputs files such as:-
●CAD drawings
●LIDAR data for complete 3D modelling of
   the venue
●PDF / JPG (high resolution) to determine
   the venue


The outputs of these venues are typically data formats such as GeoJSON, Shape and/ or other data specifications. The process of Indoor maps creation can only be semi-automated such as checking if every room has a door or there is a lighting fixture in each segregated dwelling habitat etc. For all the other feature creation; various kinds of cartography is required from geo-referencing to desk research to processing data for global languages

SpincLabs have partnered with agenices, consultants, and tech to help deliver customized solutions.

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