School Bus Tracking

Spinclabs school bus tracking software is a comprehensive solution for School Management and parents to ensure child safety. Parents can track the real time location of their child through the Mobile app as well as school Admin can see important analytics on web dashboard to keep a control on their transportation system. The solution is highly scalable and it can be easily integrated in school ERP. This is One Stop Platform for both attendance management and School Bus- Fleet management, thus creating value for all.

How does it works ?
1. Location data and other relevant information are captured by GPS and OBD sensors.
2. A mobile data connection provides a local gateway to send information periodically collected by all the sensors on the bus.
3. The gateway sends the information to a network where the speed, direction, and other variables are collected and sent to an application     server on the cloud.
4. The server then sends reports, location information, and alerts on movement and safety to the supervisor’s mobile phone.
5. The system helps with real-time tracking of a bus online.
6. The route taken by a bus can be replayed.
7. Each bus is marked as a specific dot on a map, which can help with the knowledge of the bus position related to all bus stops.

A School Bus Tracking System Could Be Highly Beneficial for School Authorities

The software helps in automating most of the process, including routing and scheduling. So, school authorities can keep everything under control, and they will need to take action only if things go wrong. This saves resources required for rescheduling and re-routing if things go wrong.
Along With the RFID Tags, the System Can Track Kids! Maintaining attendance of every child discretely is a tough job to uphold, but our solution can help maintain a track of attendance rapidly and effortlessly, pushing the database over a data connection. This is a system that can effectively reduce the worries that parents may have, as they will receive real-time notifications from the tracking system about when their ward is going to be dropped off.

We have created a complete school bus management software that works with or without any GPS device



●Task Management
●Attendance Report
●Add/Remove Routes
●Trip Management



●Real Time updates
●Pick/Drop Alerts
●Driver details
●Add/Remove, Pick/drop points



● Real Time Tracking
●Trip management
●Driver behavior
● Reports

More features can be added as per requirement